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Accelerate Your Fitness (video)!!

Monday, March 19, 2012 | Category: Function

It's almost time for the demolition!

Just a reminder...we are open in Lansing this week. But, because of our renovation, our Lansing office will be closed from March 24th through April 8th. We will have extended hours in our Westphalia office for those 2 weeks. Click here for those hours.

If you want to get treated in Lansing before we close on Friday, please call 517-321-8568 to make an appointment.

The piece of equipment and technology that we are getting in the office AND has our patients buzzing are Power Plates!

We are going to have fitness classes using these amazing machines, as well as TRX Suspension Training. (Don't worry...I'll tell you about TRX training in a little while).

But first the Power Plates....

Training on the Power Plate stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers.

And using these machines over time increase strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, and less than half the time!

15 minutes on the Power Plate is equal to 60 minutes of conventional training!

But don't take my word for it.

Watch what the WORLD is saying by clicking on the link below

====> Power Plate Acceleration Training

We are having an Open House April 14th so you can try it for yourself!

If you wanted to experience the Power Plate, you'd have to drive all the way to Grand Rapids or Detroit.

We will be the only facility in Mid Michigan with these machines (and we'll have 6 of them!).

The Power Plate is just one of the new technologies we will have in our offices.

And you can try them all at the Open House!

I will have instructions in upcoming emails on how you can sign up to try our new health, fitness, and rehab equipment at the Open House.

And it will all be FREE to try!

Again, Thank you for your patience as we turn our clinic into the premier health, fitness, and rehab facility in Lansing and Mid Michigan!


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