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Patients of the Week

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 | Category: Total Health Events

This week we have a rare treat for you.  Not only do we have our usual "Patient of the Week", but we have 4! 

We would like to congratulate the Anuzis brothers as being voted as our Patients of the Week. 

All three brothers have gone through a Spinal Regenerative Program and have made significant strides in their health!

They also bring a bit of brotherly competitiveness to their rehab sessions.  We are all for being competitive!  They also come in with a great attitude and are ready to face each challenge ahead of them with a smile.  A good sense of humor is something we cherish around here so that also helped them with the votes! :)  Congratulations, bros!

Our Westphalia Patient of the Week is Ann L.

Ann has been an amazing patient of ours and has had amazing improvement since we started her Spinal Regenerative Program.

We voted on Ann because her dedication has been unmatched.  She wasn't sure that she could come in 3 times a week for her treatment, but we're proud to say that she hasn't missed an appointment!  Ann is very energetic and excited about the positive changes her body  is making.  Congratulations, Ann!

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