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Last MInute Gift Ideas

Thursday, December 22, 2011 | Category: Focus

So we all tend to procrastinate.  I have a brother that doesn't do an ounce of Christmas Shopping until Christmas Eve.  Now THAT is procrastination! 

If you need some last minute gift ideas, here is a list from  that might help.  If you decide to check out the website there is actually a drop down menu that you can chose what kind of gift you need (white elephant , parent, teacher, etc) for some great suggestions. 

Ten of My Favorite Last Minute Gift Ideas for any occasion and budget:

  1. Lottery tickets. If they're turning 40, buy 40 and wrap them with a big red ribbon. You can get these at the gas station on your way to the party.
  2. Gift cards from the grocery store kiosk. iTunes are great for any age, Nordstrom is always a hit with any adult, or pick a favorite restaurant.
  3. Coasters from Target or Pier 1. Stuff them in a colored paper handle bag and you're good to go.
  4. Candles from Target are usually wrapped cute enough to present as-is.
  5. Wine. Available everywhere, appreciated by (almost) everyone.
  6. Box of chocolate from a favorite candy shop or again, Target has cutely wrapped ones. Their Choxie brand is great.
  7. Card game like Uno, Monopoly Deal, or Scrabble Slam makes a fun quick gift.
  8. Homebaked cookies don't take too long and you'll get points for going that extra mile. Plus you'll get to lick the batter.
  9. Potted plant from the grocery store is a low-maintenance alternative to flowers.
  10. Netflix subscription is the gift that keeps giving. And you don't even have to leave your computer.



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