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Let me count the reasons....

Monday, August 15, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events

Over the last few months, I've sent out numerous emails and posts sharing the amazing and unique aspects of the Total Health Fitness Challenge.

All the proceeds go to Case Cares which is a non-profit organization that provides safe playgrounds and ball fields to disabled children.

===> Click here to watch the video (and have a tissue handy)

It is not your ordinary tests all areas of your fitness...strength, stamina, balance, core strength, flexibility.

It's so unique that Channel 10 AND Playmakers AND the Lansing State Journal are all Gold Sponsors.

It is designed sor hard core warriors AND the weekend warrior can both Challenge themselves.

And I haven't even mentioned to OBSTACLES yet!!!  Like the...

Hill Climb: Scale the 70 foot hill

Army Crawl: Get low under the cargo netting

Farmer's Walk: Lug a 5 gallon pail of water

Log Walk: Crossover the pond (but don't fall in)

Monster Truck Tires: In and Out...In and Out...In and Out 

Bear Crawl: High crawl under more cargo netting

Hill Climb: Again!

Challenge Walls: Defeat the 4 foot AND 5 1/2 foot walls to finish the CHALLENGE!

Plus the awards are even cool and unique!

The winners earn the Golden Hammer Award

And everyone who finishes earns a Dog Tag!

And just for challenging yourself, you get an awesome moisture wicking T-shirt...NOT the run of the mill cotton that you get at so many other races.

So the time is getting close and we need your help to make the first Total Health Fitness Challenge a huge success.

Not just for us or you, but for all the Case Cares Kids who need your help. 

(If you didn't watch the video, watch it NOW so you'll understand.)

Online registration ends on Friday so if you miss that, you can always register on Challenge day.

But why would you miss here now to register (and save $$$$)!

Hopefully I made my point and I'll see all of you at the Challenge!

Have a great week!



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