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WILX, Playmakers, AND Lansing State Journal

Monday, August 1, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events

How awesome is the Total Health Fitness Challenge?
So awesome that WILX (Channel 10), Playmakers, AND the
Lansing State Journal are Gold Sponsors for the big race!
And they don't put their name on every event that comes across
their desks.
So there must be something special about our race.
Maybe it's because it's unique to Lansing.
Maybe it's because the obstacles are challenging AND fun!
Maybe it's because they see we're doing something special for
our community.
More than likely, it's all of those reasons and more!
So if you want to be part of this special event, click on the link below
and register.
Or, if you want to be part of the race, but not actually run in it, we
are looking for volunteers (and you'll get a cool moisture wicking
tech T-shirt too!).
While you decide, take a look at our Exercise of the Week! It will help
you improve your balance so you won't fall into the pond during the Log
Walk obstacle.
Talk to you soon...


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