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3 Reasons We're Headed to Atlanta

Friday, June 3, 2011 | Category: Function, Personal Development

Next Thursday (June 9) we are headed to Atlanta!
Not just Dr. Monica and me...but our entire Total Health Team!
We are all participating in a Chiropractic Bootcamp.
Because we will be in Atlanta, we are closing our Lansing office at 5pm
on Thursday June 9.
Our Westphalia office will still be open on Thursday;  Dr. Monica and I
are not flying out until Friday (our Kindergardener is graduating Friday
But both offices will be CLOSED next Friday and Saturday.
This bootcamp must be a pretty big deal if we are closing for 2 days.
And it is!
There are 3 main reasons we are flying our team to Atlanta:
1.  It will be a positive team building trip which will improve our
communication with each other.
2.  It will further fan the flames of our enthusiasm and passion we
have for the Chiropractic lifestyle.
3.  Most importantly, we will bring those reasons back to our patients
and community.  We will learn new, impactful ways to make a positive
difference in the lives we touch through Chiropractic.
So in the long run, you will reap the benefits of our trip just as much as
we will!
Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon...
P.S. Don't forget about your training while we are gone...the 3 Mile
Obstacle Adventure Total Health Fitness Challenge is fast approaching 

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