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What makes our race UNIQUE...

Monday, May 30, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events

I hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend!

It's finally time for summer and I'm excited for that.
I don't like to think about the end of summer when it's just
starting but I just can't help it...because that's when the
Total Health Fitness Challenge is!
Time is flying.
I think back to our first meetings and determining exactly what
we were going to do and feeling like we had all the time in the
world.  But it's getting down to race time now!
In those first meetings, one word kept coming up....UNIQUE!
There are so many races to choose from and we wanted something
unique and different.
So the biggest reason our race is Unique and Different is obviously
the obstacles.
The 70 foot Hill Climb (TWICE!)
The Army Crawl under cargo netting
The Farmer's Walk with a 5 gallon pail of water
The Log Walk across the pond
The climb in and out of Monster Truck tires
The Bear Crawl undermore cargo netting
The Log Jump over trees in the woods
And finally...
The 4 foot and 5 1/2 foot Challenge Walls to finish the greatest race
of your life!
That gets me excited just thinking about it.
And I hope it does for you too!
Head on over to the site...register...and challenge yourself!
Have a great week!

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