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How it all got started

Monday, May 23, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events

I've always wanted to organize a race in Lansing.

But I wanted it to be very unique.
I like to workout...but I'm not a big fan of running.
Because of that, I only run in one race every year.
It's called the Men's Health Urbanathlon and it's in
Chicago every October.
I was attracted to it because it wasn't just a run.
It had obstacles.
Cars to climb over...
Monkey bars....
Bear crawl under cargo nets...
Climbing the stairs of Soldier Field 4 times!!!
It's definitely a challenge and that's why we brought a
similar race to Lansing.
We want to test all areas of your fitness.
And that's what the Total Health Fitness Challenge does!
So challenge yourself, start training, and register!
=====>  Sign me up!
Now I'll run in 2 races a year!
How about you?
Have a GREAT week!

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