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Children's Expo Hangover

Monday, February 14, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...
You have a great time doing something or being somewhere; maybe
it's a great vacation or just a great day.
You don't want it to end. You think about the great time that it was.
That's the way we feel about our Children's Health and Wellness Expo
on Saturday.
It was all kind of a blur from the time we were setting up...opening
the doors for all the families that were waiting to get in...all the great
vendors and the healthy information they had to give...the main stage
Andy Provenzano being nice enough to stay for a couple hours when
he was only going to stay an hour.
The Lansing State Journal wanting to be a sponsor next year with us
and Channel 10.
Just an overall great day!
I know our team at Total Health Chiropractic couldn't stop talking about
it during and after.
That goes for the vendors too!
I've mentioned this before...our goal is to help our patients and community
get healthy AND to make a positive difference in the lives we touch.
And I believe that we did that on Saturday.
I'm usually one who looks ahead to our next big event (and trust me,
IT'S COMING!!), but I just wanted to reflect on this weekend and
savor it for a couple days.
So until our next event, we will dilligently, enthusiatically, and successfully 
help the patients who walk through our door get healthy using A New
Approach to Healthy Living!
We hope you and your family will be those patients.
If you were at our Children's Health and Wellness Expo on Saturday,
we would be very appreciative if you could post your comments below
and let us know what you thought about the event.
Thank you so much for making it our best expo yet!
P.S. It would be a huge mistake if I failed to Thank our entire TEAM at
Total Health - Lori, Erica, Cara, Tina, Rachel, Katie, Aimilee, Dr. Sarah,
Dr. Tom, and especially Amy and my wife, Dr. Monica for organizing

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