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Being part of something bigger...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events


Only a few short days until our 4th Children's Health and
Wellness Expo!
The commercials just started on Channel 10...
And we've already gotten 3 more calls from potential vendors
who want to be part of the event!
Not to sound arrogant, but why wouldn't they?
This event is BIG.
By BIG, I mean that we want to do something bigger.
For you.
For your family.
For your kids.
And for our community. 
Most people want to be part of something bigger and make a
They want to be around positive, magnetic people who
have a passion and a purpose.
And who put their purpose into ACTION!
We are those people.
And we want to provide that for everyone in our community.
In our mission statement, it says "Our goal is to help our patients AND
community get healthy..."
The Children's Health and Wellness Expo is our first big community
event of the year.
We hope you will join us on Saturday at the Lansing Center for a
fun and inspired day...and be part of something bigger!
Tell your friends and family so they can be part of it too!
P.S. If you want to learn more and see what we have planned,
click on the link below...


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