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Snow Day

Thursday, February 3, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events
I never thought it would happen to me.
I don't remember it happening before.
(Side note: I hear those statements from my patients a lot concerning
some new symptom that they just got...but that's not what I'm talking
about this time.)
I'm talking about getting snowed out yesterday!
That was the first time I had to close our office because I (and you)
couldn't get there.
I gave it my best....managed to get 50 yards down my unplowed road
before I said to myself, "If I can barely make it this far, I don't think I'll be
making it much farther."
So reluctantly I called my receptionist, Lori, who walked about 2 miles to
get to the office, and told her to call the patients to reschedule.  Now that's
some big time commitment by Lori!
So we're back and ready for healing in Lansing and Westphalia today!
I'm a positive person and look for the good in a situation.
And the good part about yesterday is that it didn't happen during our
Children's Health and Wellness Expo which is next Saturday at the Lansing 
I know what you're thinking...what if it does snow next Saturday?
Well stop thinking like that because it's not going to!
I want to make sure you and everyone else will be able to enjoy the fun-filled,
healthy, and unique day that we have planned.
And if it does by some fluke that it does snow, then we'll just have to find the
good in that too.
Until next time,

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