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"Amazing. Fun. Loved it."

Monday, January 31, 2011 | Category: Total Health Events
"Loved it" 
That's how one of our participants and attendees felt about
our Children's Health and Wellness Expo last year.
If last year was that great, what do you think this year is going
to be like?
It's a safe bet that it will be even better!
We learn from you and what you want.
Many of you asked for an optometrist.  Check!
More giveaways.  Check!
Exercise and Nutrition information.  Check!
I can't tell you how many times we heard from attendees that
this was the best event they had gone to in quite some time.
Not only did they have fun and learn, they saw how we want to
contribute to making our community healthier.
If (and when) we can do that, it will be a much happier, positive,
resilient, and fun place to live.
WILX sees what we want to accomplish...and that's why they are
partnering with us!
This is our first big event of the year and we want to enjoy it with you.
Come to the Lansing Center on Saturday February 12 to be part
of something bigger!
Until next time....
P.S. To learn more about our 4th Annual Children's Health and
Wellness Expo, click here.

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